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Carly Wilson
Carly Wilson
About Me:

My name is Carly Wilson, and I’m a mom of 2, work-from-home entrepreneur, fitness junkie, nutrition enthusiast, and self-proclaimed joy spreader.

But it hasn’t always been that way…2 years ago, I was in a rut! I was working part-time as a speech-language pathologist in the public school system. My children were 5 and 7 years old and extremely active. My husband was working long hours as an oilfield engineer. I felt like we were merely going through the motions of living our lives without really taking the time to enjoy it. Let’s face it…each day we wake up is a blessing, but I didn’t feel that way at the time. What a horrible feeling!  I was trying so hard just to keep up with my work, home, family, and social obligations, and I was doing okay—not good, but just okay–except I consistently ignored one thing…MYSELF! And every other area of my life was suffering because of it. How could I give 100% to everyone else if my engine was always running on fumes. If we don’t have our health, then what do we have? I realized I was cheating my husband, my kids, and most sadly, myself. Why? Because it’s hard? Well nothing worth having comes easy! This new path has not always been smooth…I won’t lie…I’ve been tripped up by potholes and bumps in the road, but with this new vision for my life, I knew it would be worth it!

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Although I currently live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I have team members all across the country. You'll love that we're a not a "party" company. Le-Vel is a could-based business, allowing us to work anytime from anywhere using our smartphones!

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