We empower individuals to reach their potential

Social Entrepreneurship

People always ask how we’re different that any other organization helping direct sales representative.  It’s the easiest question we ever answer.

  • We have an unwavering belief that all people can, should and must make the world a better place
  • We’re impatient optimists ready for a better world today
  • We believe that being practical and innovative are not mutually exclusive, but rather a necessary combination
  • We believe the holding ourselves and our partners to a high level of expectations is the only way to drive continuous, positive change

Our Causes

Created to honor our daughter, Ainsley, who is currently 1 of 8 children in the world with D-Bifunctional Protein Deficiency, the Ainsley Faith Foundation works with families with special needs children to maximize their life, find and utilize community resources and drive positive change in their communities.

University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital has been dedicated to meeting the health care needs of children and families since 1919. Services range from promoting wellness to the care of general childhood illness, surgery, traumatic injuries, life-threatening and chronic illnesses, and developmental disabilities. As part of an academic medical center, UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital also performs groundbreaking research to help solve the mysteries of childhood diseases, in addition to training the next generation of health care professionals. Last year, UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital cared for 71,754 patients from every county in Iowa, nearly every state in the United States, and several other countries.

Promote Your Business and Help Change The World

Because of the success of our parent company, Neighborhood Marketing, we’re able to bring direct sales reps enterprise level resources and advertising while making a difference in the real world.  Won’t you join us?