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What is direct sales?

Direct sales has long been a preferred method of bringing a product directly to consumers.  By eliminating massive overhead expenses like a storefront, companies are typically able to pay generous commissions to those that promote their brand and products.

Be an Entrepreneur

Being an independent representative of a brand allows you the power to make your own destiny.  You'll get to build a business and marketing plan (with help, of course), meet wonderful customers and provide excellent customer service.  All while using the power of established brands!

Be Flexible

Being an independent sales representative could well be the most flexible job there is.  You're able to choose your hours, from part-time weekends to full time or anywhere in between.  Based on your goals, your time is yours to spend how YOU want.

Be Social

As an independent sales representative, you'll get to meet and interact with lots of amazing people.  As you build your business, many of your customers and prospects will find their way into your life as friends through the shared experience.  Maybe even some of your existing friends will become customers!

Start Fresh

With no qualifications, prerequisites or experience needed, being an independent sales representative in the direct sales industry can be your way to jump start a new part of your life.  Whether you're a stay at home mom, recently unemployed or a fresh high school graduate, you can start your new career today!

Start Earning Immediately

There are no questions that there is a lot of many to be made as an independent sales representative with a lot of hard work.  Your earning potential is completely up to you and how motivated you are to succeed with the right partners and tools.

What's in a number?

People involved in direct selling



$ In direct retail sales annually


of Americans learn about new products from their social network

Succeeding in Direct Sales

Gather the Right Tools

Make sure you institute the right marketing, accounting and operational tools for your business.

Social Media with a Purpose

Using social media with a thoughtful purpose is key.  Many people find out about new products and services from their friends and social media.  Don't be a pest, but proudly represent yourself!

Cross Promote

Build a network of other direct sales representatives and run cross-promotions to expand each of your prospect lists.  Remember, the key is simply to ask!

Offer Extras

When trying to attract repeat customers willing to spread the word, offer value-added services is a great plan.  Find a way to separate yourself by going the extra mile or providing an extra promotion.  Get creative!

Make Sure People Can Find You

Customer have access to a wealth of information, make sure its easy to find and contact you.  Be visible in as many directories and groups as possible, with multiple contact methods available and easy to use.

Manage Your Money Wisely

Since you're working for yourself, you'll manage money on a regular basis.  Sales, commissions, expenses.  Be sure to budget and categorize all money coming into and out of your business.

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Find the Right Company

When starting any business, it's prudent to do your research.  Make sure the company is fits your goals, your lifestyle and most of all, that you like their products!


Good Reputation

No scams, no hype - just opportunity


Good Pay Plan

Reasonable and fair


Start Up Costs

Affordable and effective business launch


Sales Requirements

If there are sales requirements to earn commission, be sure to be comfortable with them


Direct Selling Association

Be sure the company is a member of the Direct Selling Association


Good Support System

Great coach, great rep relations


Focus on Sales

Companies that focus on recruiting are often a pyramid scheme


Additional Fees

If there are additional fees, be sure they fit into your budget and profitability



Be sure the product has a market of consumers that you feel you can reach